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strengthening the sober community, one rep at a time


Reps4Recovery was unofficially started without a name within the walls of Black Iron Gym in 2015. Since the day Krissy opened Black Iron Gym’s doors, those recovering from any form of substance abuse illness in the community were provided with a free gym membership. At first, the program was funded by her and the gym until the day came when this approach was no longer financially feasible as word spread. As the program continued to grow, Krissy wanted to offer more to these high risk people who needed a judgement free place to improve themselves.


In March of 2017, the program was somewhat formalized and given the name Reps4Recovery. This is when we took to crowd funding in order to grow the program, raise awareness, and offer more to the recovery community in Northern Nevada. Thanks to GoFundMe, a mini-documentary was produced on the program in spring of 2018. The result was nearly $100,000 getting donated over the course of a couple months, which allowed us to hitting the ground running, build a team, hire more coaches, and more. This was also the catalyst to pursue federal nonprofit status.


Due to the ongoing generous donations from thousands of people around the world, we have turned this program into something beyond what we ever imagined. We have been able to give out hundreds of free memberships in the Reno-Tahoe-Sparks community. We have been able to take successful R4R members through several coaching certifications so that they can better serve incoming members and give back the gift that was given to them, both in the class and 1-on-1 setting. We have been able to launch a mentorship program to ensure no R4R member feels alone or uncomfortable. We have been able to employ amazing people who may have a hard time getting a job due to having a record. We have been able to clothe those who are low income. We have been able to raise awareness around this illness that was responsible for approximately 154,000 deaths in 2017. We have been able to reduce the stigma.


Reps4Recovery Is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization

OUR Mission

We strive to strengthen the sober community & health of recovering addicts & alcoholics through fitness coaching, community, and mentorship.

The only membership fee to those in recovery from addiction or alcoholism, is the desire to be sober and be a part of an all inclusive, judgement free community.

What your R4R membership includes: access to all R4R specific classes, access to weekly R4R group talk, access to all Black Iron Gym classes, private coaching sessions to ensure you are moving safely and efficiently, access to our onsite drug and alcohol counselor, assistance with acquiring any needed lifting gear (shoes, belts, wraps, etc).