Drop -In Passes

Drop -In Passes

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All drop-ins passes directly fund R4R.

We welcome drops ins at Black Iron Gym every single day!

If you are in recovery, please keep in mind that you get to drop in for free, and you do not need to purchase a drop in pass. Someone else's pass purchase covers your visit.

These passes give you full access to train in our facility however and whenever you desire (sort of).

-Class Drop-In Passes are good for any standard class provided by B.I.G. (CrossFit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, etc.).

-Open Gym Passes give access to our facility during open gym hours. If your work/life schedule does not align with ours, or you would like to follow your own programming, Open Gym Passes are perfect for flexibility and convenience. 

Pre-purchase your Drop-In Pass to train at Black Iron Gym in Reno and directly donate to R4R. We welcome all visitors at the gym and we would love to be your host.