While your Reps4Recovery membership covers every single class offered at Black Iron Gym, there are also R4R specific classes reserved strictly for people in recovery. These classes really strengthen the sober community inside the gym. This is great way to make sober friends in the program and an excellent segue into Black Iron Gym classes.

Thursday, 6:30pm: Intro to Weightlifting with Coach Kyle

Join Kyle on Thursday evenings to brief up on your weightlifting technique & build a strong foundation. This class is a non-intimidating environment for begging, sober lifters.

Sunday, 10:30am: Reps4Recovery workout with the team

Black Iron Gym is closed on Sunday and reserved entirely for the R4R program and those in recovery. The workout style & coaching style varies week to week between powerlifting, CrossFit, weightlifting, & Strongman. 

Sunday, 11:30am: R4R Yoga with Nick

Every other Sunday, following the workout, Nick leads a 45 minute yoga cool down with a goal to center your mind & body.

You can see the full Black Iron Gym schedule here: